Announcement, Shower and Birthday Cards for Twins
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Multiple Blessings
A website showcasing note cards created by a mom  of twins. Shower invitations, birth announcements, thank you notes, and birthday invitations specialized for multiples have been difficult to come by.  Through divine inspiration, these ideas have found their way to paper and will hopefully end your search for unique note cards  to fit your unique circumstance. Having TWINS, TRIPLETS, QUADS... is a multiple blessing!!!

Browse through our current collection and please visit us again to see new designs and products as they are added.  The cards are bundled in packs of 10 including 10 envelopes. The design of these cards includes lines so that special terminology unique to multiples (such as "baby A"  and "baby B") could be used. This does not limit you to handwritten notes - you should be able to print from your computer onto our note cards.
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THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST! All Designs are copyrighted Multiple Blessings © Doodlyn Designs 2002

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